History Project at St. Paul’s

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The history project continues its research work on slavery in Norwalk and the complicity of our Church in this practice. We recently visited the History Room at the Norwalk Library where we are able to access documents such as records of signed papers of the enslaved being released after paying their wages now owed to their enslavers and taxes in the town of Norwalk. We also had access to newspaper articles of the time so that we have a sense of some of the events taking place in Norwalk and can follow stories of enslavement that appeared in the news of the day. The group is grateful to the librarian for their cooperation and collaboration with us.

Want to join the fun? Contact the Parish Office for details on the next meeting.

Kristine our member visiting with us from California also participating in our research efforts in person.
Sharon from St. Matthew’s, Wilton with Lamont, both members of our History Project, going through newspaper articles at the Norwalk Library.
Sharon holding one of the actual signed written agreements dated April 20th 1801 granting an enslaved person Jabor Sherwood his freedom for the sum of $50.00 which included his wages and taxes.
More of the team, busy at work!
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