A Beautiful Counterpoint

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Thank you for your wishes of comfort!
Last Thursday, I “miscalculated” a step while vacuuming our stairs at home and fell hard onto my left hip. It was a bad injury which required a full hip replacement. It was unfortunate and I’m in a lot of pain, but of course, there is a beautiful counterpoint.
The medical staff at Norwalk Hospital was so kind and attentive, friendly and professional. They took good care of me. The surgeon was a specialist in this type of injury. My husband Serafino brought me home-cooked meals and attended to all of the little details of comfort for me. Visits from St. Paul’s friends were so special to me. It all added up to a rather wonderful retreat in a way! I had more time to think about God and be in the presence and protection of our loving creator.
What made the experience a true journey of healing was and is the continued support and love of my St. Paul’s community. Thank you for reaching out with offers of help, with kind and reassuring words that give me strength, and for “just being there”, holding me in your prayers. The nurses agreed with me that prayers and a circle of support really does aid in speedy recovery. So many times in the hospital, I had goosebumps from the lovely messages I received from you. Amidst the pain, I felt such joy!
When I think of our healing circles during Sunday services, I see more clearly how powerful this connection can be. In the past, if someone I knew was ill or had a challenge, I shied away from reaching out with support. I know now how important it is to feel free to say a few sincere words to someone going through a hard time. That “someone” may find comfort as I did and still do during this hard time. I won’t shy away again.
We all go through challenges and battles, and I feel more awake to saying a few kind words to all I might.
I am truly blessed to be part of the St. Paul’s on the Green family, and I’m healing up nicely. I hope to see you all again soon!

Audrey Cozzarin

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