Get Involved

At St. Paul’s we know that God has gifted each of us with tremendous qualities and talents to share.  No doubt, you’re already using some of these in service to the world through your workplace, in your families, and in the wider community.  If you’re looking for additional avenues here at St. Paul’s — or help in seeking areas in the world in which to serve — we’re happy to talk more.  Our clergy and pastoral staff are happy to chat about discerning particular paths and ministry coordinators are happy to talk more about avenues for involvement within St. Paul’s itself.

As a start, you can contact us, with your particular area of interest and we can direct you to that ministry’s coordinator to learn more about it and other aspects of St. Paul’s life.

Some specific areas you may want to explore:

Lentslider15Altar Ministries: These include people who are part of the procession, wear vestments, and serve in the chancel (raised, dais at the front of the church) during worship. The thurifer leads the procession and oversees the use of the thurible (vessel that burns the incense); they may sometimes be accompanied by a boatbearer who carries the vessel that holds the incense). The crucifer carries the cross in the procession while servers carry candles and serve the grape juice chalices during communion. Finally, a Minister of Ceremony oversees worship by preparing the various books of prayers and keeping a watchful eye to assure that the clergy have what they need and that the service proceeds smoothly. Training for all roles is readily available.




Choirs: St. Paul’s has an extraordinary music program with a number of ways in which to offer your voice. See our Music page for more details or contact Jake Street, Director of Music.



Christian Education Team: There are several ways to be involved in Christian Education at St. Paul’s. One is to serve on a rotating team of teen and adult volunteers who lead the Children’s Worship activity during the two principal services on Sunday morning. Another is by serving on the Advisory team to the Reverend Peter Thompson, Assistant Rector. Adult mentors to teens or other adults being confirmed or received in the Episcopal Church is yet another way to offer yourself.  No formal teaching background is required; training & support are offered in each of these roles.  Contact the Reverend Peter Thompson for more information.

Lectors and Intercessors: Members of the congregation who read the lessons and lead the Prayers of the People (intercessory prayers).  Training and support are available.  Contact Wally Frey for more information.

HealingHealing Teams: Healing Ministry is central to our life together at St. Paul’s. A large part of Jesus’ ministry and the ministry he passed on to his disciples involved healing of all kinds. Each Sunday the sacrament of anointing and prayers for healing is offered during Holy Communion. Following the ancient healing tradition described in Scripture, our healing teams use special sacramental oil, delicately scented, to make the sign of the Cross in the name of the Trinity on the foreheads of all who come for healing prayer. Consistent with our “open Table” where all are welcome to receive Holy Communion, the sacrament of anointing and prayers for healing is available to anyone who desires healing support for themselves or for others—for physical, emotional and spiritual needs, including healing of relationships, memories, and freedom from addictions, or any other unspoken need.

Hospitality includes the important roles of Ushers, Ministers of Welcome (Greeting Ministry) and Coffee Hour hosts/hostesses. 

Pastoral Care Team: The team assists the clergy in bringing Holy Communion to the elderly or home-bound, making home and hospital visits under the oversight of the Reverend Peter Thompson, Assistant Rector.

Social Justice & Outreach Team: See separate page here.

Worship Team: An advisory team to the Reverend Nicholas Lang, Rector providing input and perspective to various questions related to liturgy.