Stewardship – Giving & Pledging

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Stewardship is defined by the Episcopal church as a practice of gratitude and generosity which allows us to “grow more and more into the likeness of the loving, generous God in whose image we are created. Episcopalians believe that it is by virtue of our baptism that we are called to this ministry of stewardship.”  This means that everyone who is a part of  the St. Paul’s community, where you can belong before you believe, is called to be a good steward of God’s daily abundance to us and to give back to God some of the TIME, TALENT and MONEY that God has afforded us.

Giving, however you do so, is part of being a good steward and St. Paul’s is thankful for all the gifts received each week.  As the Stewardship Campaign 2024 approaches, prayerfully consider giving to the community in the form of a pledge for the year. Knowing the amount of your pledge beforehand allows the Vestry to budget and to plan just as you do for your own household. Pledging consists of filling out a pledge card which reflects your prayerful consideration of how much you will give, weekly, monthly or yearly to St. Paul’s and making arrangements to get your pledge to St. Paul’s either through envelopes which will be provided for you, or online, if that is easier. How much you pledge is not important, that is between you and God, what is important is letting the Vestry of St. Paul’s know through your pledge that they can count on your support.

If you have pledged already for this year, thank you so very much. If you feel that you can up that pledge this is a good time to do so. If you have pledged and are finding it hard to meet that pledge and need to lower it talk to the Treasurer or Fr. Daniel. If you put something in the collection bag on a regular basis, think of turning that “something” into a pledge. And if you have not ever pledged, prayerfully consider doing so. If you still have any questions about the process speak to Gail Bindley-Taylor, Co-Warden and head of this year’s Stewardship Campaign. Thank you for all you do for the St. Paul’s community. Remember, God has given us more than enough, even though it sometimes does not seem that way. Look again, for God’s abundance in your life!

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