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Floor nominations at the Annual Meeting

The nominations committee has, in accordance with parish bylaws, put before the parish nominees for co wardens, vestry members, co treasurers, clerk and delegates to the annual convention of the diocese. The bylaws and church canons provide for nominations from the floor except for the office of warden. Any person so nominated must agree to placing […]

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  January 16, 2021   No comments

Epiphanies — from the Parish Wardens

Most of the conversations we’ve had in late December and the 1st of January have included some version of “I’m sure glad to see the end of 2020!” Indeed! And, yet, we might also pause to reflect on the Epiphanies many of us have had – both small and large. What were yours? An awakening […]

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  January 9, 2021   No comments

Love Came Down at Christmas

Looking back over Advent, I count over 50 different St. Paul’s gathering events where we’ve participated in prayer, reflection, socializing, and giving. In addition, many of you have continued to check in on one another weekly and sometimes daily. In this way we have been able to reach out, connect, and care for one another […]

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  December 22, 2020   No comments

A Reflection on Middle Collegiate Church by Fr. Daniel

Many of you may have heard of the tragic fire that destroyed Middle Collegiate Church in New York City this past week (read Pastor Jacqui Lewis’ post here). Middle Church is the oldest continuously gathered congregation in America, dating from the earliest Dutch settlement on Manhattan. The church building was historic and beautiful, and its […]

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“Connection” by Sandy Bria

This past week we celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday. For me, suffice it to say, the week was like no other as my family was forced to quarantine under the threat of Covid. While test results eventually came back negative, we were not able to celebrate in person on the holiday. I discussed my disappointment with […]

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  November 30, 2020   No comments

“A Glorious Mess” by Jake Street

It’s a strange time to be a choir director. Choral singing is not only one of the riskiest activities in person right now, but it’s also one of the toughest art forms to translate over the internet. Anyone who has tried to sing a round of “Happy Birthday” over Zoom knows it’s a glorious mess. […]

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  November 24, 2020   No comments

“Staying Grounded in this Time of COVID” by Ann Russell

Rituals can be powerfully grounding, inspiring, transformative…when mindfully conceived, authentically communicated, artistically executed. Or they can be repetitive OCD behavior, pretty much devoid of lively, meaningful metaphor and depth, disconnected from the very real challenges of life. At best, perhaps a comforting superstition Since my first experience of Compline at St. Paul’s in 2004, I […]

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  November 15, 2020   No comments

Regathering Update, November 11, 2020

Over the past two months, a St. Paul’s team convened by Fr. Daniel and led by Sandy Bria and Carol Custus, along with Marsha Dunn, Ryan and Elia Kopreski, Barbara McCabe, Terri Polley, Jake Street, and Anne Watkins, has worked to define the conditions and mitigate the risks of our regathering for worship in the […]

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“Room for that and more” by Terri Polley

I so want to be a better person.  A more Christ-like person.  Every morning when I wake up and drink my coffee, read my morning readings and say my morning prayers, I resolve, again, to be just that.  I will remember today, I tell myself, that in every encounter with another living being, I will […]

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