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Healing Prayers in use at St. Paul’s on the Green

Healing Prayers in use at St. Paul’s on the Green The following prayers have been contributed by St. Paul’s healing prayer ministers as currently in use or as options to try. They are printed as submitted, so that we may continue to learn from one another’s adaptations. Please feel free to submit new prayers as […]

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All Parish Gathering Discussion

This Saturday we will be focusing our discussion around four core areas of parish life: how we PRAY, how we LEARN, how we SERVE, and how we STAY CONNECTED.  If you would like to prepare in advance for the meeting, you might spend some time (a.) reflecting on and jotting down where you experience God […]

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A reflection on the 20th anniversary of 9/11

Twenty years ago today we experienced a moment of national tragedy that changed us forever. As the hijacked planes hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, those violent and destructive acts shook us to our core; they terrified us and made us feel vulnerable in new ways. That concussive moment was succeeded by a whole […]

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Meet Katie Kirk

I’m Katie Kirk, a seminarian at Yale Divinity School, where I’m a second-year at Berkeley, the Episcopal program. I grew up in rural Alabama, near Auburn University, where I studied philosophy, German, and English.  After some time working in the education sector in the deep South and in northern Germany, I moved to New Haven […]

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Time, Talent and Treasure…..

…also known as the St. Paul’s Classifieds! Here’s the list of ways you can contribute to the ongoing life and ministry of this church and community. Contact Marsha Dunn ( for more information or to sign up. Worship Opportunities: Altar Party- There are several liturgical roles that come together to create worship at St. Paul’s: […]

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Race & Social Justice Coalition

The group meets each Wednesday via Zoom on Currently reading Heather McGhee’s book The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How We Can Prosper Together. The focus of conversation tonight (July 21) is Chapter 5. Ms. McGhee’s style weaves together real-life story with well-documented statistics and figures to provide an engaging and compelling narrative of the costs […]

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Lynn’s story

Hi everyone, my name is Lynn  and I am a member of the Vestry.    I am a native of  Connecticut and attended college in Ithaca New York. I taught and was a high school  counselor for 35 years. I was involved in local state and national coaching and representation. I  currently am President of […]

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James’s story

Last year when my grandmother was transferred to hospice, my mother asked if I would select the scripture readings, hymns, and prayers and put together the funeral service. Knowing that much of what I needed would be in the Book of Common Prayer, I asked Daniel if I could swing by the church and pick […]

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Brigid’s message

It was a privilege to serve as Usher this past 11:00am Sunday Service. I learned a lot about team work, attention to detail and on relying on each other for assistance. I believe everyone was  being led by God in an effort to bring people together in this sacred space where we worship, love, share […]

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“Regathering” by Gail Bindley-Taylor

As 16 May gets closer and many of us consider “regathering” in person at St. Paul’s I want to share what it has meant to me to come in occasionally to read a lesson or do intercessions, or of more recent vintage to sing Compline on a Sunday night. Initially I was just anxious, but […]

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