Welcome to the St. Paul’s on the Green online! This is a community of learning and growth formed both by its Episcopal (Anglican) roots and identity as well as its experience of God’s abundant and radical welcome that includes everything and everyone. Our sense of mission begins with our own conversion of life, and it also takes us to the margins of our comfort and awareness, where we discover God already fully present, calling us to become active in creating the beloved community and renewing the world.

These high-summer days of outdoor living make it more possible for us to safely gather together, despite the context of the ongoing pandemic. We are coming together for mission and service, especially for food collection and distribution; for protest, as we support the urgent need for civil reform in so many areas of our society; and we are gathering for some exploratory worship and learning experiences, as we make careful plans for regathering at the church for Sunday worship later in the year. Currently, all of our regular worship continues online, and you can participate in daily prayer and many other ways by visiting the calendar or the livestreamed worship section of the website. You can learn more about everything St. Paul’s is up to by reading our weekly newsletter, or by subscribing to our regular updates.

I hope your interest is piqued by these pages, and that you will join in this ongoing work of reconciliation and renewal, as we are all continually called to join God in the work of making peace, building restorative justice, and transforming the world in our time.

–Fr. Daniel Simons, Priest-in-Charge

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