Welcome to St. Paul’s on the Green online! This is a community of learning and growth formed both by its Episcopal (Anglican) roots and identity as well as its experience of God’s abundant and radical welcome that includes everything and everyone. Our sense of mission begins with our own conversion of life, and it also takes us to the margins of our comfort and awareness, where we discover God already fully present, calling us to become active in creating the beloved community and renewing the world.

As we enter the  the season of Easter, we are continuing in-person as well as live-streamed worship. We know that many are both wary of gathering and eager to do so, and we are providing as many options as possible to allow people to participate in they way that feels right for now. Our goal is connection and presence wherever we are! Beginning April 24, face masks will be optional for the 11:00am liturgy. The 9:00am liturgy will remain mask-required for the next several weeks, to provide an initial option for those wishing to worship in person in a fully distanced and protected gathering. Read more detail about this change in protocol here.  Please visit the website calendar for more information on Sunday services and other events that interest you.

The heart of this parish beats strong, and I look forward to praying, learning, and serving with you in this season, strong in faith, hope, and love. God bless us all with eyes to see Christ shining out among us, bringing disruptive but liberating good news to all people, and making all things new.

–Fr. Daniel Simons, Priest-in-charge

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