Membership occurs in simple and more formal ways. These steps and rituals are an inherent and important part of Episcopal worship, theology and doctrine. Membership can be as simple as registering the date of your baptism in our parish register. You may also find our Rite of Welcome to be a meaningful way to liturgically mark your entry into the life of St. Paul’s. Membership also happens more formally through Rites of Confirmation or Reception into the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. Both Confirmation and Reception occur in the Spring through the laying-on-of-hands by one of our bishops. Adults who are preparing for Confirmation or Reception participate in an “Exploration of Christianity” series, offered annually.You are also provided with an adult mentor to act as a companion along the way. Meeting together, each of you has the opportunity to share some of your faith journey as you offer support to the other in theirs. We find that these spiritual companions often turn into friendships that last well beyond the period of preparation. You can read more about it and other adult education opportunities here.  You will find more information for teens and the Rite of Confirmation by exploring our Christian Education page for Youth. Education and formation programs for children are found here. Classes and programs are open to all, however, regardless of membership status.

If you have an interest in or questions about more formal membership in St. Paul’s and the Episcopal Church, contact Marsha DunnAssociate for Member Engagement and Parish Administration or call her at 203 847-2806 x10.