A new journey for Steve McCay

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Dear St. Paul’s parish community,

It is with a sad but grateful heart that I write to say that Steve McCay, our beloved and longtime facilities manager, parishioner, and friend, will be relocating to Massachusetts later this fall. Steve and his husband, Luke, will be settling full-time in their home in Provincetown, where they have spent many summers and have a deep connection.

While we will be taking next steps to staff our ongoing facilities needs, I say with confidence and affection that Steve himself is irreplaceable. It has been a joy and delight to work with someone who is as conversant in liturgy as roof repair, and who is such a soulful care-giver, both for the people of this parish as well as its buildings and grounds. My sadness in losing Steve from our team and from the parish is tempered by the bright promise of the next chapter of life on which he and Luke are embarking.

We anticipate Steve remaining with us until early November, and there will be opportunities to say our goodbyes and express our thanks and love for these years together. Watch the Wednesday weekly newsletter and Sunday announcements for more detail to come. But for now, join me in a first round of hearty thanks to Steve for these past 17 years of care and love for the whole fabric of St. Paul’s, from foundations to steeple, and for an equal care for the people who make up the body, heart, and soul of this place.

We will both miss and hold you as you go, Steve. God’s rich blessings be with you and Luke on your continuing journey.

Daniel +

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