Treasured Gratitude

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 Many thanks to all who helped to make Treasures in the Churchyard such a wonderful day.  From the large committee which met multiple times to plan, to the many parishioners helping out on campus over several days, the event was a wonderful demonstration of all we can do when we work together.  

     Many thanks also go to those who searched in their attics, basements and barns to find the treasures for the White Elephant Sale.  There were some very special items donated, and it was wonderful to see how happy our buyers were with their purchases.  It should be noted that in addition to the monies raised for the work of St. Paul’s, the sale was a great recycling event, as, for example, your grandmother’s plates or your father’s dictionary got a new home and a second life.

     The St. Paul’s Cafe in the Churchyard served excellent treats in the Undercroft; everyone had a favorite Croissant French Toast, though those who sampled several said they were all delicious.  Many thanks to Rosemary for heading up a powerhouse lineup of chefs, line workers and servers. The warm and positive energy around the tables was seen everywhere on our grounds as parishioners and the community came together to enjoy the day and celebrate St. Paul’s.

     Other special thanks go to Ferbian and Marsha, who helped out immensely before, during and after the event.  Audrey’s outstanding publicity efforts paid off in the good-sized crowd who came from the community, in spite of the rain.  Co-Warden Gail Bindley-Taylor and Father Daniel’s support and encouragement of the development of this new venture were invaluable, as was their presence on Saturday.  Everyone loved seeing the return of the dream team at the Chittim-Howell cash register, Ginny Green and Liz Wernqvist, and David Westmoreland’s excellent  cemetery talks were very well attended.  A final specific shout-out goes to Lamont Thomas, whose sharing of his amazing egg beater collection was a treat for many parishioners and community members alike.  Many many thanks to all of you, and to everyone else who helped out, too many to name.

    The event made well over $2,000 to add to the St. Paul’s budget and the strong feeling is that each year Treasures in the Churchyard will grow, both in number of attendees and in profits.  We are already talking about how to build on the success of the first year and make this a regular celebration on the St. Paul’s calendar.  Stay tuned – and again, thank you to our wonderful St. Paul’s family.

Ginny Balser


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