The Vestry at St. Paul’s

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How St. Paul’s Vestry Works

In the Episcopal Church the governing body of a parish has several parts: the Rector/Provisional Priest in Charge; four officers; and a number of vestry members as determined by individual parish needs. At St. Paul’s, our norm is to  have nine vestry members serving in rotating classes of three. The term of a vestry member is 3-years.

The current officers are: two Wardens (Anthony Howard Crisci and George Anderson); a Clerk, or secretary, (Ginny Balser); and co-treasurers (Chris Spiegelman and Maggie Gomez). The officers are elected at the Annual Parish Meeting. The Wardens are elected for one-year terms, and may serve three consecutive terms. The Clerk and Treasurer are elected for one-year terms, and have no term limits.

In addition to the elected Officers there are also nine elected Vestry persons, serving in three groups of three years, and elected at the Annual Parish Meeting.

At our Annual Parish Meeting we will also elect two delegates and two alternate delegates to our Diocesan Convention. Our current delegates and alternates are Bob Giolitto & James McNutt, and Audrey Cozzarin & Gail Bindley-Taylor.

Our parish bylaws call for a Nominating Committee composed of the two or three retiring Vestry members, and two additional parishioners. Their responsibility is to present a slate of officers, vestry persons, and delegates and alternates to the Annual Meeting for election by the parish.

This year’s nominating committee is chaired by Bryan McBeth, joined by retiring vestry members Rob Walker and Mirella Gonzalez. Anne Watkins and Sandy Bria complete the committee this year.

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