Regathering Update

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Dear friends,

Since the very beginning of this pandemic we have taken a careful approach to safety in our gatherings, and have made our decisions about COVID protocols at St. Paul’s based on the guidance of public health experts and local government requirements. Beyond those guidelines, our mandate has always been to safeguard those most vulnerable. Now we are entering a new stage and our health officials and government leaders are relaxing the masking and distancing requirements in public spaces. 

While we will no longer require masks to be worn, we fully support any who choose to wear a mask or socially distance. Please be especially attentive in your one-on-one interactions; if someone is wearing a mask it is for good reason — an underlying health condition, or care for someone especially vulnerable to the virus — please measure your own social distance accordingly. 

St. Paul’s has modeled connected care and resilience so well throughout this pandemic. Thank you for that gracious work, and for the continued care that we will show one another in the days ahead. I hope and pray with you that this summer season will be one of new hope, greater freedom, and a renewed sense of solidarity with one another and with this wonderful parish that shapes our lives and our common identity as the risen body of Christ. 

Yours faithfully on the journey, 

Daniel +

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