Choral Music

There are currently over 70 people (ages 7 to 80) singing in the choirs of St. Paul’s.  These include…

  • the St. Paul’s Choristers, a program of thirty children grades 2 to 12,
  • the Schola, the teen changed voice boys and adult altos, tenors, and basses who sing with the St. Paul’s Choristers,
  • the Adult Choir, made up of over twenty adult singers of all voice parts, who alternate Sunday mornings with the Choristers and Schola,
  • the quartet of professional singers, which leads the music at the 9 AM service and bolsters our volunteer choirs,
  • and the two Compline choirs, composed of sopranos & altos and another of tenors & basses, who lead the weekly Sunday 9 PM service of Compline.

Each Sunday during the program year, Sunday morning’s music at 11 AM is led by the Adult Choir or by the Choristers and Schola.  The Choirs join together for concerts, special services, Choral Evensong, and more.

Everyone with a voice and a willingness to work hard and commit to the musical life of St. Paul’s is welcome to join any or all of these choirs.  If you would like to learn more, email, or call the Parish Office at (203) 847 – 2806.

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