Director of Music Announcement

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From The Rev. Daniel Simons
Dear friend of St. Paul’s,

I am writing to share the wonderful news that the position of Director of Music at St. Paul’s has been offered to, and accepted by, Josh Ehlebracht, our current Interim Organist. This is the culmination of an extended interim season for our music program, which Will Doreza and Josh so capably picked up from Jake Street and led through and out of Covid and the PIC-to-Rector transition, rebuilding and growing the Choristers, Choral Scholars, and Adult Choir programs. Will Doreza will continue to serve as Interim Director of Music until July 30, after which he will continue developing his career and education in conducting and singing. Josh will take up his new role on August 1. This extended hand-off between two colleagues who have formed such a strong working team is a great support to a smooth transition, and I am grateful to both Will and Josh for all the work they continue to do to create such a strong choir program and community. In addition, I am so grateful to the Selection Committee, a dedicated and passionate team who put in many hours creating a process, receiving and vetting applications and performance/conducting recordings, and doing the deep work of discernment around this hiring decision. I am confident that Josh is a strong choice, and I very much look forward to working with him in the coming years. Please join me in thanking the Committee, Vestry, Choirs, Will, and of course Josh, as we join now together to welcome Josh into this new role, and as we step into this next chapter of our music-making life with enthusiasm and vitality. Together we are creating the Beloved Community at St. Paul’s here and now. 

Yours on the continuing journey, in faith, hope, and love,
 Fr. Daniel+
From Josh Ehlebracht:

I am truly overjoyed by St. Paul’s decision to appoint me as their next Director of Music. When I came to St. Paul’s three years ago, I took the position of interim organist, and it quickly became so much more than just a place of work but rather a church home with absolutely top notch staff. St. Paul’s is a warm, loving, excellent, and passionate community that I am proud and honored to be a part of. My colleague, Interim Music Director Will Doreza, has crafted a robust and diverse music program over the past three years following the pandemic. The music program here is a staple of the community, boasting a vibrant chorister program and an adult choir composed of incredibly talented, musical, and welcoming people. I am incredibly excited to work with all of these wonderful people I already know, to meet anyone that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, and to see where the future takes us.
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