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Welcome to St. Paul’s! St. Paul’s on the Green is a diverse, affirming, inclusive Episcopal community with a rich history of outstanding worship, music, preaching and social action. Contact us!  203-847-2806   |   welcome@stpaulsnorwalk.org  

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  May 18, 2021   No comments

“Regathering” by Gail Bindley-Taylor

As 16 May gets closer and many of us consider “regathering” in person at St. Paul’s I want to share what it has meant to me to come in occasionally to read a lesson or do intercessions, or of more recent vintage to sing Compline on a Sunday night. Initially I was just anxious, but […]

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  May 12, 2021   No comments

Announcing the Interim Choral Director

St. Paul’s is thrilled to announce the appointment of Will Doreza to the position of Interim Choral Director for the next year. Will is an experienced and passionate musician who has already been a part of the life of St. Paul’s as a baritone section leader for five years. Will will begin his work at […]

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  May 10, 2021   No comments

“What’s beyond St. Paul’s?” by Charlene Higbe

What’s beyond St. Paul’s?  Everything, and nothing. In this very strange year that’s just happened, being part of St Paul’s via internet, Zoom, and email is an extraordinary gift.  It’s been at least 15 years since my partner Fredrica and I first heard of St. Paul’s through our friend Wally.  Over the years we have […]

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  May 3, 2021   No comments

A Message from Fr. Daniel

Dear People of St. Paul’s, Another week and another rash of headlines detailing another mass shooting in our country, this time in Colorado. In fact, in this past week alone there have been at least seven shootings in which more than four people died. It joins an awful litany of violence, and it is one […]

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Support St. Paul’s

Support St. Paul’s on the Green Thank you for supporting the mission and ministries of St. Paul’s. Your contribution is important to the life and health of this spiritual home. There are several ways to make a one-time donation to St. Paul’s. You can: donate online via this link donate via PayPal at this link […]

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