Confirmation and Reception

Confirmation is the sacramental rite in which a person makes a mature affirmation of their faith and renews the commitment to live by the promises of the baptismal covenant. In confirmation, we receive the empowering of the Holy Spirit for the work of ministry. Confirmation is administered by the Bishop. There is a period of study and preparation required before one is able to be confirmed.

Reception is the rite in which a person who has already been baptized and made a mature affirmation of their faith in another Christian denomination is formally received into the Episcopal Church by the Bishop. This is an annual opportunity and there are informational sessions offered each year to help those interested become more familiar with the Episcopal Church.

Adults who are preparing for Confirmation or Reception participate in an “Exploration of Christianity” series.  Participants are provided with an adult mentor to act as a companion along the way. Meeting together, each of you has the opportunity to share some of your faith journey as you offer support to the other in theirs. We find that these spiritual companions often turn into friendships that last well beyond the period of preparation.

You can read more about it and other adult education opportunities on this page.  You can find more information on our programming for teens, and the Rite of Confirmation, by exploring our Children’s Education page.

Classes and programs are open to all, regardless of church membership status.  If you are interested in being Confirmed or Received, please contact the main office.