“Regathering” by Gail Bindley-Taylor

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As 16 May gets closer and many of us consider “regathering” in person at St. Paul’s I want to share what it has meant to me to come in occasionally to read a lesson or do intercessions, or of more recent vintage to sing Compline on a Sunday night. Initially I was just anxious, but something about the quiet, the beauty of the space, the simplicity and at the same time the spiritual depth of the liturgy, the messages in the sermons that encouraged listening and going deeper, interspersed with the glorious music emanating from the organ and the recordings of some of my favourite pieces sung by our St, Paul’s adult choir, just pushed the fear down and allowed me to sit and have it all sink deep into my soul. It has been a joy to worship safely and most of all to receive communion which I have truly missed. It isn’t the same feel as before Covid, but it has its own distinct character with the core value of radical welcome for all still intact.

So, prepare yourself for it to feel different and be ready and open for the changes to come. One of the things I am looking forward to is singing, no matter how limited, as we regather. We will sorely miss Jake’s leadership and direction, but different times call for reimaging of the role music plays in our Sunday worship and who better to lead this effort going forward than our talented bass singer and musician, Will Doreza, who knows us well. Who can forget Will’s sensitive piano selections that enhanced the Celtic eucharists, or his patience and care with the choristers to whom he gave voice lessons? For those of us who have sung with him and who are dreading Jake’s departure, this is the silver lining as we march into unchartered territory. So, are you ready to come back to Church inside or out on the Lawn? There’s  a lot to look forward to as we regather and do church differently with love at the center and  God’s grace to lead us home.

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