St. Paul’s History Project

The 236 ECCT Convention to directed “each Parish, Worshipping Community, and Intentional Episcopal Community to take steps to discover and document historic complicity in racism in their parish and communities.” As participants in the body of Christ, there is a need to uncover and acknowledge our past as a may to to build awareness, understanding, and reconciliation, as we seek to realize the Beloved Community envisioned by Jesus. In response to this, a group of St. Paul’s parishioners have joined with neighboring parishes to explore  the history of the area and St. Paul’s place in that history. The group meets twice a month to research historical document, catalogue findings, and prepare reports.

Use THIS LINK for more information about becoming a part of the project.

More from the July 10, 2023 Meeting

Members of the History Project at the Norwalk Public Library researching records of newspaper articles and published records on slavery in Norwalk,