Praying for One Another

Those who followed the Way of Jesus in its earliest days were a dispersed community — small cells of disciples in an often-threatening environment, linked together by common prayer and storytelling, by itinerant preachers like Paul, and by the grass-roots care they provided one another and the most marginal of their locality. Two millennia later, we recognize some of those early patterns in a new context.

While we are currently dispersed and distanced from one another, we also have near-universal access to instant communication channels that give us strong ways of being together. This page will use that access to connect us in an even deeper and more powerful way of being together: Prayer.

Please continue to contact and keep in general, daily prayer all who you are especially close to in the parish, and remember in prayer all who are lonely, house-bound, struggling with financial hardship, at risk of loss through work closures and other hardships. For all those who request our prayers, including those who come to be diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, we will name them by first name, and only at their specific request. Pray for all others generally: for their families and for those who care for them.

Please continue to pray for those on our standing prayer list:

Anna Mae, Barbara, Bill, Caitlyn, Deneb, Denise, Diana, Eden, Edith, Erik, Estela, Gay, Holley, Jim, John, Linda, Michael, Mike, Peter Morton, Robbo, Sharon, Sidney, Susan,Taber

In addition, the following people have invited our prayers during this time:

For Jim, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.
For Joanne, who is ill.
For Mary Beth.
For Logan, who is recovering from surgery.
For Wendy, who is ill.
For Bessie, who is ill.
For Cathy, who is ill.
For Judy, who is ill.
For Roger, who is recovering.
For Edith, who is recovering.
For Rick and his family, who are grieving.
For Herman.
For Brian and Jana, who are recovering.
For Lucia, Sarah, Mariah, Ruth, Anne, and Wally, who are grieving.
For Mario, who is recovering.
For Sean Michael, who is ill.
For Stephen, Kevin, Laura, and Bridgette, who mourn the loss of a loved one.
For Joan and Deborah, who mourn the loss of a loved one.
For Marinda, who is suffering from arthritis.
For Karen, who is ill.
For Bjorn, who is ill.
For Tom, who is ill.
For Kim, mother of a child who is struggling.
For Susan, who mourns the loss of her husband.
For Mary, who mourns the loss of her husband.
For Marshall, for his health and safety.
For Eileen, a nurse.
For Sally, who mourns the loss of her husband.
For Peter, who is ill.
For David, who is ill.
For Don, who is ill.
For Ralph, recently diagnosed with cancer.
For Scott, an ER doctor.
For Theo.
For Josie.
For Earl, who is ill.
For Susannah.
For MaryAnn.
For Frank, who mourns the loss of his partner.
For Joe, who mourns the loss of his partner.
For Jack, who mourns the loss of his partner.
For Dan, as he recovers from a heart attack.
For Brenda, who is ill.

For those who have recovered:

For Gregory.
For Mary Alice.
For Carol.
For Steve.
For Luke.
For Natalie.
For Ginny.
For Steve.
For Henry.

We pray for those who have died:

For Justin.
For Douglas.
For Matthew.
For Betty Jo.
For Matt.
For Velma.
For Patricia.
For Joey.
For Steve.
For Stephen.
For Joe.
For John.
For Burt.
For Deirdre.
For Mary.
For Andrew.
For Tom.
For Louann.
For Kathy.

God of all, we pray to you for those we love, but see no longer: Grant them your peace; let light perpetual shine upon them. Be gracious, we pray, to all who mourn; that, casting all their care on you, they may know the consolation of your love; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
       —Book of Common Prayer, p.504-505.

If you have a name to add to our prayer list, please contact Mother Louise. If you are in need of pastoral care, please reach out to us by calling (203) 847-2806 and leaving a message, or by emailing the Parish Office.

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