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Why Morning Prayer

“Guide us in your way oh God; and we shall follow where you lead!”For many mornings during the pandemic of 2020 when I had no idea what the day would bring, these words were the only comfort. The months of March, April, May and even June were full of terrible anxiety. People I knew and […]

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Sandy Bria on Sacred Ground

My name is Sandy Bria and I wanted to take a minute to share my experience withSacred Ground, which is described on its website as “a film- and readings-baseddialogue series on race, grounded in faith.” Click here for a message from BishopCurry. When I first heard the term Sacred Ground, it felt a little ominous […]

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Absalom Jones Celebration

“What a joy to be a part of the Absalom Jones celebration this past Sunday in Thanksgiving forthe Life and Ministry of the first black priest to be ordained in the Episcopal church and hisfounding of the first black Episcopal church, St. Thomas African Episcopal Church. It was fittingthat this service of thanksgiving was held […]

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Dulce Weigel on Sacred Ground

The reasons that people give for participating in Sacred Ground probably equals the number of people in the circles. I think my own seed was planted when my daughter was in Honors US history in high school. She was studying for a test and was getting frustrated by the amount of material she had to […]

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My Experience in Sacred Ground – Paul Carling

As a relatively new parishioner at St. Paul’s, I was eager to find ways to spend some in-depth time with small groups of parishioners, and Sacred Ground proved to be the perfect choice!  We started by sharing our own stories and how they intersected with the experience of people of color in our country, and […]

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History Project

“Sometimes we need to look at our history, troubled as it may be to see the hand of Godleading us in the struggle through human heroes that are sent to guide and console us.”[Rev. Canon Leonard L. Hamlin, Canon Missioner and Minister of Equity and Inclusion atWashington National Cathedral.]This to a large extent was the […]

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Gail Bindley-Taylor on Black History Month

Black History Month, observed annually in February, provides an opportunity to discuss andreflect on the role that generations of African Americans, who struggled through manyadversities to achieve full citizenship in American society, have played in shaping the UnitedStates. Through the efforts of Carter G. Woodson, the son of formally enslaved Americans, theevent was first celebrated […]

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2023 Vestry Nominees

The vestry nominating committee has worked diligently through the fall and early winter, to compile a slate of nominees for leadership positions at St. Paul’s. They have solicited input from across the parish, and have met regularly to compile a slate of nominees on which the parish will vote at the annual meeting on February 11. This […]

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Remembering Sandy Hook

I sit with more than a little heartsick disillusionment as I ponder this 10th anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting. Many people thought a trauma of this scale would necessarily force us to think differently. And of course it did, in some places, for some people. But over 90 children have died in […]

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Sacred Ground – Bethany Gugliemino

I started attending St. Paul’s in May of this year, when the first Sacred Ground circles were forming. Imention this timing because it was also my first time coming back to church in almost a decade, and I had a lot of questions. One question in particular gnawed at me – what does it mean […]

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