Epiphanies — from the Parish Wardens

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Most of the conversations we’ve had in late December and the 1st of January have included some version of “I’m sure glad to see the end of 2020!” Indeed! And, yet, we might also pause to reflect on the Epiphanies many of us have had – both small and large. What were yours? An awakening to what is most important to you in your relationships, your work, your personal interests? Perhaps, a call to action: to prioritize certain habits or activities; to pursue more education; to change career tracks; to renew or restore past connections?

The St. Paul’s vestry has grappled with its own small and large Epiphanies as we moved through 2020 and into the New Year. We reawakened our commitment to the very pressing need to achieve fiscal sustainability for this community we all love. We are recognizing anew the incredible resource and asset this property affords and are committing to intentional and ongoing exploration into what shape that takes. We grappled with how this best gets expressed in our working 2021 budget, which will be discussed and passed at our upcoming monthly meeting this Saturday, January 9th (your prayers for that process are appreciated). And we gave renewed thanks for the faithfulness of each of you, without whose generosity none of God’s work through this place would be possible.

The times they are certainly a’changin’ as we step boldly into this New Year. Join in St. Paul’s Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 24th at 4pm via Zoom (link to come); with a deep breath, shoulders high, and a resolve to join God and us in a new day, a new focus, a new year. In addition to electing Parish Officers and Vestry members, we’ll share the working budget and its bold vision for the next year.

In the meantime, as always, reach out to either of us with your thoughts or questions.

Anne (watkins@stpaulsnorwalk.org) and Terri (polley@stpaulsnorwalk.org)

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