2024 Vestry Nominations

The vestry nominating committee has worked diligently through the fall and early winter, to compile a slate of nominees for leadership positions at St. Paul’s. They have solicited input from across the parish, and have met regularly to compile a slate of nominees on which the parish will vote at the annual meeting on January 28, […]

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Our sincere thanks!

The campaign is over, so it is time to say a huge THANK YOU to every one of you who has sent in a pledge. Your efforts have put us at close to $350,000; a lot closer to our goal of $375,000.We encourage anyone with an outstanding pledge to get it in before the end […]

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Thank You 2024

A huge thank you to each of you who has helped to get us 80% of the way to reaching our Stewardship 2024 goal! As we move toward Ingathering Sunday this Sunday, November 26, we encourage those of you who have not yet pledged, to do so online with this LINK or to send in […]

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Stewardship Gatherings

As we enter the  last two weeks of our Stewardship Campaign, the Stewardship Committee wants to express its gratitude for the 66 pledges that have come in so far.  With another 79 pledges we can meet our target and prayerfully surpass it. Making the target means the Vestry & Finance Committee  can create a budget […]

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Mid-Way Report

Our 2024 Stewardship campaign numbers continue to grow as we move closer to our target of $375,000. We are also just about halfway through our campaign which will end November 19th and 56 pledges have come in, which is just a little less than half the number we brought in last year. To those who […]

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Justine Lee Hooper

Hello dear St. Paul’s family! I hope you are doing well and finding ease. My name is justine lee hooper (née Stephens), and some of you may remember me and my sister Holli, who sang and learned in St. Paul’s chorister program from mid 2000s-mid 2010s. I also played the flute on many Mid-Day Music programs. These days, […]

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Invitation to Stewardship

Dear St. Paul’s members,As we mentioned on Sunday the Stewardship gatherings have begun and we are encouragingevery member of our Parish whether you have pledged or not, to attend one of theconversations. These are small group gatherings in which we want to share our hopes for St.Paul’s in the coming year and ask any questions […]

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Message from Stewardship Chair

Our Stewardship Campaign for 2024 has begun as of this past Sunday and on the good news side we have already raised our first 73,000 dollars. Our sincere thanks to each of you who have taken the time to pledge online or with a pledge card. We are well on our way toward the magic […]

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Meet Jacqueline Nappi-Farrell

Hailing from Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, Jacqueline Nappi-Farrell is an organist, harpsichordist, collaborative pianist, and choral director. She is most well known for her playing in early music, particularly on historical keyboards. The Wall Street Journal described her harpsichord playing during a performance at The Barn at Flintwoods in Wilmington, DE, and how with her touch, “the […]

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What is “More Than Enough?”

This year our theme is “More Than Enough” and you may well say “More than Enough” of what? Well, this year’s theme is rooted in the story of Jesus and the five loaves and fishes.Remember when the disciples questioned whether there was enough to feed the crowd of 5,000 as all they had from a […]

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