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Remembering Sandy Hook

I sit with more than a little heartsick disillusionment as I ponder this 10th anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting. Many people thought a trauma of this scale would necessarily force us to think differently. And of course it did, in some places, for some people. But over 90 children have died in […]

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Sacred Ground – Bethany Gugliemino

I started attending St. Paul’s in May of this year, when the first Sacred Ground circles were forming. Imention this timing because it was also my first time coming back to church in almost a decade, and I had a lot of questions. One question in particular gnawed at me – what does it mean […]

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Jacqueline Nappi

Hailing from Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, Jacqueline Nappi is an organist, harpsichordist, pianist, and teacher. She is currently a graduate student at the Yale School of Music and Yale Institute of Sacred Music studying organ performance. Jacqueline serves as Minister of Music at Trinity Lutheran Church in Milford and is Piano Faculty & Music Coordinator at […]

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Joining the St. Paul’s History Project

Since June of this year, a small group of St. Paul’s parishioners led by Gail Bindley-Taylor,and including Kristine Dennehy, Diane Drozd, Diane Jellerette, Fran O’Gorman, CharlieTaney, Lamont Thomas and David Westmoreland; and who have been joined by SharonPearson, one of our friends from St. Matthews, Wilton, have come together to beginthe work mandated by the […]

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Alexander Richard Straus-Fausto

Completing his master’s degree in organ performance at the Yale Institute of Sacred Music, Alexander Straus-Fausto from Kitchener, Ontario is studying under the direction of Dr. Martin Jean. He completed his Bachelor of Music at McGill University Schulich School of Music and his secondary school studies at Michigan’s Interlochen Arts Academy. He has also studied […]

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Parish Goals for 2022 – Updates

St. Paul’s 2022 Goals and you! The vestry has been working hard organizing groups around our three goals for 2022, Read on for some of the things that have been happening.   Use this link for more information or to volunteer.  Healing Pastoral care teams have begun making in-home Communion visits.  The Healing Ministry Teams continue to […]

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The Vestry at St. Paul’s

How St. Paul’s Vestry Works In the Episcopal Church the governing body of a parish has several parts: the Rector/Provisional Priest in Charge; four officers; and a number of vestry members as determined by individual parish needs. At St. Paul’s, our norm is to  have nine vestry members serving in rotating classes of three. The […]

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Vestry “Job Description”

The Vestry  The Vestry is the elected body of the parish that shares with the Rector the responsibility for oversight of parish life and ministry and for advancing the mission of Saint Paul’s. The Vestry is subject to the Canons of the Episcopal Church and of the Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut. Vestry members are legal […]

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Matthew Series Handouts

Introduction: Overview | Summary | Synoptic Gospels Session 2, Matthew’s Jesus: Fulfillment of Jewish Prophecies: Scripture References Session 3,  Matthew’s Jesus: Son of God Session 4, Matthew’s Jesus: Healer: Readings | Notes Session 5,   Matthew’s Jesus: Preacher/Teacher Session 6, Matthew’s Jesus:  Rule/Norm Giver

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A note from “Watch Me Grow”

Hello Everyone, We made it!! The first week is in the books and we just wanted to drop a line to say how grateful we are for all that you have to done to help take Watch Me Grow Norwalk from vision to reality. There is no way we could have done this without you. […]

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