Make a Pledge

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a commitment to supporting financially the life and work of St. Paul’s over the next year. Your pledge can take whatever form works best for you and can be amended at any time. By pledging, you support the foundation of St. Paul’s, and you help to decide where St. Paul’s goes next: it is an opportunity to support and share what makes St. Paul’s a meaningful spiritual home for you. Pledging is by far the most significant and important source of revenue for St. Paul’s.

Make your pledge by filling out the form found at this link (Pledge form will open in a new window). To fulfill your pledge, visit, or find pledge fulfillment options further below. If you have any questions, please contact

Fulfill your pledge

The most effective method of fulfilling a pledge, popular with most pledging members of St. Paul’s, is to set up automatic recurring payments online. This is also the most helpful option for St. Paul’s in creating a budget. However, you can fulfill your pledge to St. Paul’s at whatever frequency and in whatever way works best for you.

You can: