“Stewardship of Creation” by Mary Verel and Audrey Cozzarin

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A quote by Pope Francis, “Faith in God leads us to recognize Him in His creation, which is the fruit of His love for us, and which requires us to care for and protect nature,” sums up how St. Paul’s parishioners Mary Verel and Audrey Cozzarin feel their faith supports their work as board members of the Norwalk Land Trust. Mary (right, in photo) has been with the Land Trust for over 15 years, and Audrey (left) joined the board this year.

Founded in 1973, the Norwalk Land Trust’s mission is to balance nature and development by acquiring and preserving land in its natural state for the benefit of Norwalk’s residents and its native flora and fauna. All-volunteer, we currently conserve approximately 100 acres of open space across 30 properties.

Stewardship of God’s beautiful creation is a sacred task for Mary and Audrey. Inspiration and the face of God is in every flower, his song in every bird call and bee buzz. For us, caring for and protecting the earth is a calling!

Philosopher Theilhard de Chardin wrote, “There is divine harmony or spiritual unity of all things. Waves, particles, and energies in the universe interact and converge to establish a phenomenon of one symphony or melodic hymn. This is the blessed beauty of the divine milieu, reality of cosmic oneness.”

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