Doing Lent Differently in 2016

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This Lent, we consider:
Community Cares … Shelter Cares … Creation Care

Click here to download our “Doing Lent Differently” flyer


Wall of Community Cares. Click to enlarge photo.

For many of us, “Lent” brings with it the practice of giving something up – to deny ourselves in some way as a form of spiritual discipline. And if this is a practice that holds particular meaning you should certainly continue to observe it. Here at St. Paul’s, though, we tend to “Do Church Differently”, including Lent! Our practice has been to invite each other to take on a particular habit, discipline or awareness. This year, we invite you to “Do Lent Differently” in three special ways.

Visit our Wall of Community Cares: As a new venture for St. Paul’s, you’ll find on our grounds a public, interactive art installation where the prayers, hopes and dreams of the whole community might be raised. These concerns, hopes and dreams will form the foundation for a service of Evening Prayer to be held in the Lady Chapel on Fridays at 6:00pm during Lent.

Respond to Shelter Cares: Each week, we are invited to donate specific items to help local shelters as they serve the homeless population in our midst. You’ll find the weekly schedule on page 3of the downloadable “Doing Lent Differently” flyer below and in the Sunday Announcement leaflet.


Click here to download our “Doing Lent Differently” flyer

Raise your awareness and take some steps to reduce your personal or household carbon footprint as we adopt practices towards Creation Care: look for links in “E”-News and a Carbon Footprint resource on page 7 of the downloadable “Doing Lent Differently” flyer at left.

Each of these are opportunities to reflect and then act on the abundant love, generosity and care that God offers and dreams of for each of us. Once again, you are invited to Do Lent Differently.”

For more information:
Click here to download our “Doing Lent Differently” flyer for details and a listing of all the services and events at St. Paul’s during this period.

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