A Transition for Brad McKinney

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Dear St. Paul’s parish community,

I am writing today with the sad-for-us news that Brad McKinney, our St. Paul’s Treasurer, will be relocating to Tennessee by the end of January. Brad and his husband, Ted, have found a wonderful home with land in the Memphis area, and will be putting down deeper roots in a place to which Brad already has a long-standing connection.

Brad began regularly attending St Paul’s in 2017 and has been a member since early 2018, and during that time he has given so much of himself in such varied and important ways to the parish. Brad would likely win the prize for most volunteered hours at St. Paul’s. For the past two years he has offered his expertise in accounting as treasurer of the parish. Brad is equally skilled and at home with a tool belt as with a spreadsheet, and he often gave several days a week to grounds-work and repair to keep the St. Paul’s property beautiful, especially during the Covid19 pandemic. He has added a steady and warm presence to the daily life of Chittim-Howell House, and I will miss his articulate passion for hospitality and his sense of clarity toward our mission here in Norwalk.

Sending beloved members of this community on to the next chapter of discovery in their lives is indeed sweet sorrow, and we will have an opportunity to bless Brad on his way at the annual meeting and through our own personal outreach. In the meantime, please join me in a warm, embracing Thank You to Brad for the many ways he has blessed us with his presence and generosity of time and spirit.

We have learned increasingly over the past year how to be a community that can hold one another even at a distance, and we will hold you close, Brad, now and in the days ahead as you and Ted make a big move and embark on this wonderful new chapter of your lives. God’s rich blessings be with you both on your continuing journey.

Daniel +

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