A Message from Fr. Daniel

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Dear People of St. Paul’s,

Another week and another rash of headlines detailing another mass shooting in our country, this time in Colorado. In fact, in this past week alone there have been at least seven shootings in which more than four people died. It joins an awful litany of violence, and it is one of the issues that we as a church can and must continue to speak to with clarity and conscience.

The leadership of the Diocese of Connecticut is committed to working for change in this area. Our bishops are strong advocates at the state level and through the network of Episcopal Bishops United Against Gun Violence. And at the national level the Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations represents us on this issue, and provides resources to those who wish to learn more.

I invite us all to continue to look for ways that we can respond, through prayer for and in solidarity with those affected, through public witness, education and advocacy. As our Bishop Ian reminded us on the clergy/wardens/bishops weekly call this morning: we have through legislation solved intractable national social problems like this before to the effect of saving untold lives: the wearing of seatbelts, and the prohibition of smoking in public places. We can do this protective work again.

For now, please pause to pray, to hold the grieving and the lost from these many shootings in our heart; to remember that 60 percent of the over 30,000 annual gun deaths are caused by one’s own hand; and to renew our commitment to support and establish just laws that protect people from harm. May that tipping point come soon!

Daniel +

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