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Healing Prayers in use at St. Paul’s on the Green

Healing Prayers in use at St. Paul’s on the Green The following prayers have been contributed by St. Paul’s healing prayer ministers as currently in use or as options to try. They are printed as submitted, so that we may continue to learn from one another’s adaptations. Please feel free to submit new prayers as […]

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All Parish Gathering Discussion

This Saturday we will be focusing our discussion around four core areas of parish life: how we PRAY, how we LEARN, how we SERVE, and how we STAY CONNECTED.  If you would like to prepare in advance for the meeting, you might spend some time (a.) reflecting on and jotting down where you experience God […]

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A reflection on the 20th anniversary of 9/11

Twenty years ago today we experienced a moment of national tragedy that changed us forever. As the hijacked planes hit the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, those violent and destructive acts shook us to our core; they terrified us and made us feel vulnerable in new ways. That concussive moment was succeeded by a whole […]

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