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A Transition for Brad McKinney

Dear St. Paul’s parish community, I am writing today with the sad-for-us news that Brad McKinney, our St. Paul’s Treasurer, will be relocating to Tennessee by the end of January. Brad and his husband, Ted, have found a wonderful home with land in the Memphis area, and will be putting down deeper roots in a […]

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Floor nominations at the Annual Meeting

The nominations committee has, in accordance with parish bylaws, put before the parish nominees for co wardens, vestry members, co treasurers, clerk and delegates to the annual convention of the diocese. The bylaws and church canons provide for nominations from the floor except for the office of warden. Any person so nominated must agree to placing […]

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Epiphanies — from the Parish Wardens

Most of the conversations we’ve had in late December and the 1st of January have included some version of “I’m sure glad to see the end of 2020!” Indeed! And, yet, we might also pause to reflect on the Epiphanies many of us have had – both small and large. What were yours? An awakening […]

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