10 Reasons You Might Like it Here


10.  We’ve got a wonderful, historic church building with a superb Skinner Pipe Organ and we’re located a block from Stew Leonard’s (so you can shop on your way home!)

9.    You’ll hear sermons that engage your intellect and that you can actually remember the next day!

8.   You don’t think that religion should be based on fear and driven by rules.

7.   You are seeking acceptance and affirmation of who you are as God’s own beloved.

6.   You want God to be relevant to your life, and you want your life to be relevant to God.

5.    You’re looking for worship that is beautiful, colorful, sensual, and supported by the best sacred music you’ll find in Fairfield County.

4.   You’ve been searching for a community where there is diversity in the way people look, the way people talk, and in what people believe.

3.   You’re tired of having to check your brain at the church door.

2.   You are seeking a place that will respect and encourage children’s own capacity for discovering their faith and experiencing God.

And the number 1 reason you might like it here …

1.   St. Paul’s offers every person who walks through our door God’s own radical welcome—from the church steps to the Communion Table.

For additional information, email or call the parish office: 203 847 2806.