Upgrading St. Paul’s

As we’ve announced the last few weeks, a generous parishioner has donated $20,000 to install a new floor in our Parish Hall, provided we can match those dollars to help with other issues around campus that need attention.

Not only does the parish computer system use Windows Vista and 7, the  hardware and server are over seven years old. There are also repairs that need to be made to the property: the hall must be prepped for the new floor, and the Chittim-Howell House ramp, stairs, and porch need to be rebuilt and/or refinished. The major costs are:

  • $9533.41 to upgrade computer system. This includes:
    • Required upgrade from Vista and Windows 7 to Windows 10
    • Replace server
    • 6 new computers
    • Labor and installation
  • $7000.00 for Chittim-Howell porch, stairs, and ramp
    • Sand the porch
    • Repair rotten wood
    • Re-seal with exterior stain
    • Replace handicap ramp and handrail
    • Repair front steps
    • 2 coats of paint
  • $3900.00 to paint the undercroft
    • Includes preparing the wall for painting; cleaning and light sanding; priming and painting all walls, trim, doors and columns. Includes material and labor.

Please help us match the $20,000.00. No amount is too big or too small – every bit helps.

If you donate by check, please write UPGRADES in the memo line. You can also text your donations to 203-307-1126, or you can donate online at www.stpaulsnorwalk.org/donate.

The campaign will run for the next six weeks. Stay tuned for progress updates.

 Thank you all for your generosity!

Help Upgrade St. Paul’s On the Green!