Radical Welcome

In an increasingly polarized world, the term radical may be confusing — even off-putting.  Let us clarify how we use this term.  In its purest and most ancient form the word radical means going to the root or origin; forming a basis or foundation.  In the ancient world, and in Judeo-Christian rootedness, the practice and core value of extending hospitality to all — the stranger and the known — was a foundational expectation.  So, too, is it at St. Paul’s.

We embrace the understanding that God shows no partiality (Acts 10:34); and that all those who enter our doors are free to do so just as God created them; female-identyfing or male-identifying; young or old; conservative or liberal; gay, straight, lesbian, trans, other; poor or wealthy; believing or skeptical; or any other in the vast variety of human conditions. This understanding of our rootedness extends from the steps to the table, where all are welcome to participate as fully or as little as their needs — and God’s lifegiving Spirit — directs them, in any given moment.