Lynn’s story

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Hi everyone, my name is Lynn  and I am a member of the Vestry


I am a native of  Connecticut and attended college in Ithaca New York. I taught and was a high school  counselor for 35 years. I was involved in local state and national coaching and representation. I  currently am President of the Oak Hills Women’s Golf Association. I’m a real estate sales  person a past member of the Norwalk Community Choir. 

I joined Saint Paul’s seven years ago, when a quest for spiritual guidance led me to it’s front  door. It was one of many congregations on my list, but it was the first on my list for some divine  reason. The moment I walked in, I was greeted by friendly people. I was blown away by the  pageantry, beauty, sincerity, sermon and the music. I was overwhelmed and not used to  parishioners singing out so robustly. Then I witnessed two more amazing incidents, everyone in  the church going to communion and everyone sitting after the service finished to hear the  organ mini recital and then clap with appreciation. 

However, one final incident hooked me and I knew I had found my spiritual sanctuary. After  reading my name tag at communion, the priest remembered my name as he wished his  flock a good week at the exit door. Amazed, I floated home and looked forward to the following  Sunday. Needless to say, I tore up my list. For the last seven years people have come and  gone, but the feeling of peace and camaraderie when I enter Saint Paul’s remains the same. 

The beautiful people make this church special and father Daniel is indeed a rare find. Hopefully  you will find your sanctuary as well in this beautiful church – inside and out.

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