Letter from Fr. Daniel 6/24/22

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Dear St. Paul’s Community, 

With today’s action by the Supreme Court handing down a ruling that overturns Roe v. Wade, we enter an even more difficult chapter of our already divisive national life. It will affect us unevenly; those who will suffer the most under these policies will be those with the fewest resources and carrying the heaviest burdens already. That, whatever our views on this issue, is deep injustice. 

Since 1967, The Episcopal Church has maintained its “unequivocal opposition to any legislation on the part of the national or state governments which would abridge or deny the right of individuals to reach informed decisions [about the termination of pregnancy] and to act upon them.” I expect this position will only be strengthened and clarified after the Supreme Court’s ruling today, and I will share with you in the coming days any statements made by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, and our diocesan bishop Ian Douglas.  

More immediately, we will do what we do in all the highs and lows of life: we will gather together to pray. Tonight the labyrinth and the church doors will be open for private prayer from 5pm until 8pm, and tomorrow we will gather for a Vigil of Lament and Healing in the church at 6pm. The Saturday event has been posted on Facebook and Instagram, so you may link to and promote it and invite others to attend as well. 

However you are feeling right now — and I recognize a wide range of opinion and belief around this topic of reproductive rights — feel it fully, and ground yourself in love and prayer, especially now for those who will suffer most, for those you think of an enemy or opponent, and for the sake of your own compassionate heart. 

God guide us all into truth and love in these days ahead, 

Fr. Daniel

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