All Parish Gathering Discussion

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This Saturday we will be focusing our discussion around four core areas of parish life: how we PRAY, how we LEARN, how we SERVE, and how we STAY CONNECTED. 

If you would like to prepare in advance for the meeting, you might spend some time (a.) reflecting on and jotting down where you experience God in these four (or any other) areas, and (b.) where you imagine or sense God is guiding and calling us into new opportunities, and (c.) anything else you feel needs to be named for consideration.

Use the following areas to frame your reflection: 

1. How we pray – specifically how we center ourselves in scripture and the sacraments.

2. How we learn – particularly how we form and equip ourselves for the Church’s work of restoration and reconciliation in the world.

3. How we serve – especially how we imagine and experience God already active in our communities and world, and then join in what we see God doing, or what God is calling us to begin doing.

4. How we stay connected – looking at our relationships with the wider body of Christ in the church and the world, and especially our ties to the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion. 

You are invited to bring anything and everything that is on your heart to share, and know that you are an important voice that will help us all discern how God is leading us in this time. Thank you for your preparation and participation

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