Directory: Staff & Vestry

Clergy & Staff

The Rev’d Nicholas Lang, Rector
The Rev’d Peter D. Thompson, Assistant Rector

Jacob M. Street, Director of Music Ministries
Diana Chou, Organ Scholar
Marsha Dunn, Associate for Member Engagement & Administration
Will Doughty, Office Assistant for Communications
Lilian Revel, Associate for Pastoral Care
Don Sileo, Worship Coordinator Coordinator
Steve McCay, Facilities Manager, Buildings & Grounds
Ferbian Salkie, Sexton
Donna Lewis, Training – Acolytes, Liturgical Assistants, Ministers of Ceremony

Associate Clergy

The Rev’d Louise Kalemkerian
The Rev’d Holley B. Slauson II


Louise Truax & Bob Giolitto, Wardens
James McNutt, Clerk
Paul Hunter, Treasurer

Vestry Members: 

  • George Anderson
  • Anthony Crisci
  • Wally Frey
  • Sean Fulton
  • Ginny Green
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Diane Jellerette
  • Donna Lewis
  • Chris Spiegelman
  • Anne Watkins