2022 Parish Goals

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Leaning into the goals set by the parish for 2022, the Vestry is in need of your participation and leadership! If you would like to be part of the design teams that build out the projects associated with these goals, please contact the conveners listed with each goal:
HEALING: Expanding our ministry of parish community care and healing
      • This goal seeks to expand our ministry of caring for our community, including things like phone calls, letters or visits to members of the community that are not able to physically come to St. Paul’s.
      • Kate Adamson is convening this group, please reach out to her to share your ideas of how to nourish healing connections.
      • The team captains will meet on February 26 to identify initial goals. All are welcome to attend the first full team meeting on March 26 at 10 am in the Guild Room. Share your ideas or volunteer now by calling (203) 847-2806 or emailing the parish office.
HUNGER for Learning: Reimagining/rebuilding Adult and children’s formation opportunities
      • Ginny Balser and Nikkya Hargrave will convene a team to discuss and plan educational opportunities for adults and children.
      • The group will meet Wednesdays at 6pm beginning February 23rd. Click here to fill out a very brief survey and be added to the contact list to receive more information.
HOSPITALITY: Expanding the range of our Radical Welcome and neighborhood partnerships
      • Striving to build on and expand God’s Radical Welcome at St. Paul’s, this teams focus will be finding ways to open the doors of St. Paul’s even wider as as we explore what that welcome means today, and how the parish can take that hospitality out into the neighborhood.
      • Bryan McBeth will convene the meetings to explore the fullness of hospitality. Check back here for updates to upcoming meetings, or volunteer now by calling (203) 847-2806 or emailing the parish office.
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